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London Eye Specialist: Preventing and Treating Seasonal Eye Allergy

Seasonal eye allergies are commonly caused by allergens such as pollen, grass, or weeds. When these allergens come in contact with your eyes, they bind themselves to mast cells full of antibodies. In response, your immune system releases histamine and other chemicals to combat the foreign invader. This causes tiny blood vessels in the eyes to leak, causing itchiness, redness, and excess production of tears. As you can imagine, these can be bothersome.


Preventing seasonal eye allergies


It’s close to impossible to eradicate seasonal allergy symptoms completely, because allergies are part of your body’s make-up regarding the way it handles foreign particles. That’s why you’ll observe that you have specific allergies, while others don’t have them, or react to different sets of allergens altogether, such as latex or pet dander. It is your body’s specific reaction to seasonal allergens that produces the symptoms.


The first step to managing your seasonal eye allergy is to avoid the specific allergen or allergens that you react to. This may seem simple enough to do, but if you’re the summer-active type who loves the outdoors, it can be difficult.


Inside your home or in your car, be sure to keep the windows sealed tight and the air conditioner turned on. Keep in mind that pollen release reaches its peak during mornings and early afternoons. Clean the filters of your HVAC regularly.


Treating seasonal eye allergies


Remedies for mild seasonal eye allergies include over-the-counter anti-histamine medications. If your allergy symptoms are severe, allergy shots may be the best treatment for you. However, you’ll have to undergo certain tests before an allergist gives you the go-signal to receive this form of allergy treatment.


Other types of treatment for seasonal eye allergies include:


  • Over-the-counter teardrops and antihistamine eye drops
  • Prescription medications given by a London eye doctor
  • Ice cold water (done by soaking a clean face cloth in ice-cold water and placing over closed eyes)


Seasonal eye allergies can be downright uncomfortable. Worst of all, the condition doesn’t have a cure. If you have seasonal eye allergies, it is not recommended that you attempt to diagnose and treat the condition yourself. Schedule a consultation with a London eye specialist to receive the best relief from your seasonal eye allergy.



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