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5 Top Reasons You Should Wear Sunglasses


The sun seems to have arrived in full force this week and many of you I suspect will try and get out in it as much as possible, which is great. Along will applying sun screen, make sure you pop on your sunglasses to protect your eyes too. Here are 5 top reasons why you should wear your sunglasses this summer.

1) Protection from UV
The sun’s UV rays are not only harmful to our body but also to our eyes. Overexposure to UV rays can attribute to cataract formation, photokeratitis (snow blindness) and benign growths on the surface of the eye (pterygium).

2) Vision
Being in the sun can cause glare, which makes you squint. This can cause your eyes to be uncomfortable, become watery, and impair your vision. Wearing your sunglasses can therefore make your vision more comfortable when in the sun and also make you safer when driving in sunny conditions.

3) Skin Cancer
When we go out in the sun we should use a high factor sun screen to protect our skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays and wearing sunglasses acts as this for our eyes. Eye lid tissue and tissue around the eyes is very thin and sensitive, therefore it can be one of the quickest places to get skin cancer if not protected.

4) Macular Degeneration
Long term overexposure to the suns UV rays could also attribute to the development of macular degeneration, due to the ‘blue light’ from the solar spectrum. This is a preventable disease but is also one of the top reasons for permanent sight loss.

5) Light to Dark
If you are in the sun, even for a short time, without sunglasses and then go indoors you will find your eyes take a while to adapt to the darker light. The same effects also happen if it gets into night time and you have been in the sun, therefore could affect your driving.

Remember wearing sunglasses is important all year round, not just in the summer months. Try to get into a habit of wearing them whenever you are outdoors, and it is advised by ophthalmologists to get 100% UVA and UVB protection sunglasses. If you wear prescription eye glasses, it is a good investment to get prescription sunglasses too, so visit your eye clinic to get the best advice.

Author: Samer Hamada is a distinguished consultant ophthalmologist and cornea surgeon performing eye surgeries at his practice, Eye Clinic London. With nearly two decades’ experience, Mr. Hamada is recognised as a leading expert in the field of cataract, refractive lens exchange (RLE) and corneal surgeries.

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