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Children usually can’t express problems with their eyes. Only a trip to a trusted London eye clinic can determine if they need vision correction.

4 Signs You Should Take Your Child to Your Trusted London Eye Clinic

Perhaps it’s safe to say no parent would like to bring their child to their trusted London eye clinic at such an early age; the healthier a child is, the happier a parent will be. But nowadays, a visit to the eye doctor seems both more inevitable and necessary.

That’s because the increasing amount of time children spend on smartphones, tablets, and computers harms the development of their eyes and the quality of their eyesight. Young kids also don’t fully comprehend how their eyes should work, and may not know they’re having problems. These make regular eye exams are essential during childhood.
Here are a few signs you should take your kids to the eye clinic:

Headaches and other irritations

Repeatedly straining the eyes to see better (and failing) causes headaches. Poor vision might be the culprit when an otherwise healthy child experiences these. The same goes for bouts of dizziness, which might be a result of skewed depth perception.
Parents should also observe if kids tend to squint, blink, or close one eye when reading or peering at something. These, along with a “tiredness”, itchiness, or burning sensation in the eyes are other signs of vision problems or eye damage.

Difficulty reading or keeping up at school

When your child struggles through reading activities, is unable to focus on books, or fails to comprehend diagrams and materials in class, that doesn’t automatically mean he or she is a poor student. It might simply mean he or she needs help to improve their vision. After all, pupils would perform if they can clearly tell what the teacher has written on the blackboard.

A hard time with sports

Can your child not toss a ball near a target? Does he or she miss easy passes? Poor eyesight, rather than lack of athletic ability, might be a factor. An eye exam and treatment can fix this problem, and let your kid enjoy sports and games with other kids.
Truth be told, playing outdoors is considered one way of improving children’s eyesight – and not just because getting out and about London takes them away from digital screens. Research indicates that natural light helps prevent abnormal childhood eye growths and slows near-sightedness, or myopia.

Keeping digital screens close

Speaking of digital screens – parents should watch out for kids keeping these too close to their faces for reasons other than reducing eye strain. Maybe some children hold gadgets very near their eyes precisely because they can’t see what’s onscreen.


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