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Dark Circles Under Your Eyes? Ophthalmologist Explains All


Many people often think dark circles under the eyes are caused by having less sleep and being tired, while this can be the case, there are also various other reasons why dark circles appear under the eyes. Dark circles can affect both men, women and occasionally children, and they are not often caused by a medical condition. Below you will find some reasons why you might have developed dark circles under your eyes.


Causes of Dark Circles


Reduced Sleep/Stress – As we know less sleep can cause dark circles under your eyes, and if you suffer from long-term stress sleeping can be made even more difficult. This causes the skin on your face to look paler and the appearance of your eyes to look sunken which can make dark circles more pronounced.


Ageing – As we age the skin around the eyes begins to sag and droop, causing under eye bags. These eye bags can cause the appearance of dark under eye circles from the sagging skin casting a shadow on the skin below it. Also, as we age the skin gradually gets thinner, this in turn makes blood vessels more obvious and again giving the appearance of dark circles.


Allergies – If you are an allergy sufferer you may rub your eyes more, especially when coming into contact with your allergy trigger, such as during hay fever season. Over-rubbing the eyes and eye area due to this allergy irritation can be another reason for developing dark circles under the eyes.


Pregnancy – Some woman who become pregnant notice dark circles developing under their eyes, while some women find sleeping hard during pregnancy which could lead to dark circles as mentioned above, the majority of the time they are caused by hormones. During pregnancy hormone levels change which can dilate the small blood vessel around the eyes, which can make dark circles more apparent.


Dehydration – Being dehydrated can cause shrinkage of the skin cells which again make dark under eye circles more pronounced. Staying hydrated by drinking enough water can make a big different if dark circles are bring caused by dehydration.


How to Reduce Dark Circles


Combating dark circles may be easily rectified by getting more sleep, treating allergies correctly, drinking more water, and trying techniques to reduce stress. Other techniques to help if dark circles are being caused by dilated blood vessels is using a cold compress on the eye lids, this will help any swelling too. Make-up can also be used to hide dark circles.


If you have any concerns about the development of dark under eye circles you should contact an eye specialist or your GP who can advise the best course of action.


Author: Samer Hamada is a distinguished consultant ophthalmologist and cornea surgeon performing eye surgeries at his practice, Eye Clinic London. With nearly two decades’ experience, Mr. Hamada is recognised as a leading expert in the field of cataract, refractive lens exchange (RLE) and corneal surgeries.


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