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The Blinding Truth About Fireworks


As the festive season approaches, there is an array of beautiful fireworks to buy. Eye injuries from fireworks and sparklers can be extremely severe and ophthalmologists treat many people every year who suffer firework-related injuries resulting in permanent eye damage, vision loss or even total blindness.


Typical injuries from fireworks may include; burns, ruptured eyeballs, traumatic cataract, detached retina and corneal abrasions.


Fireworks and sparklers can be particularly dangerous, and the people injured by them are not necessarily the ones handling the explosives themselves but most commonly bystanders.


You may consider attending a public firework show rather than purchasing fireworks for home use. Bear in mind to always keep a safe distance and be aware of your surroundings. Children and young people should be supervised and watch the fireworks from a safe distance.


Should any issues arise, and your eyes are injured by a firework accident, seek medical intervention immediately and make sure you do not rub, touch or remove any objects stuck in your eyes. Do not rinse your eyes or apply pressure nor take any medication like ibuprofen or aspirin unless instructed to by a medical professional.


Author: Samer Hamada is a distinguished consultant ophthalmologist and cornea surgeon performing eye surgeries at his practice, Eye Clinic London. With nearly two decades’ experience, Mr. Hamada is recognised as a leading expert in the field of cataract, refractive lens exchange (RLE) and corneal surgeries.


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