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Different Types of Non-Prescription Glasses


When choosing eyewear there are so many different types of lenses and options; it is important to know which type of glasses you need as they serve several purposes.


Computer Glasses
Computer glasses are becoming increasingly popular, these lenses help to reduce your computer vision syndrome (CVS) symptoms. CVS symptoms include dizziness, headaches, and eyestrain to name a few. Devices emit blue light that is harmful to our eyes, these lenses filter and block out blue light.


Mirrored Glasses
Mirrored glasses have a reflective optical coating on the outside; these lenses reflect light away from your eyes giving a darker view. Mirrored lenses reduce glare from water, metal and other hard surfaces.


Photochromic Glasses
These types of glasses eliminate the need for sunglasses as they transition and can be added as a treatment to your normal prescription lenses. These lenses darken when exposed to UV rays.


Polarized Glasses
Polarized glasses remove glare from hard or reflective surfaces. They are good for those who spend a lot of time outdoors; they can reduce eyestrain and provide protection from harmful UV rays. They reduce glare as they contain a filter that allows only vertically oriented light to pass through them.


Your type of vision needs will determine which lenses are most appropriate for you. It is important that you schedule an appointment with an ophthalmologist for an eye examination, not only will this help with prescription and non-prescription lenses, but your eye doctor will also be able to detect any underlying eye conditions.


Author: Samer Hamada is a distinguished consultant ophthalmologist and cornea surgeon performing eye surgeries at his practice, Eye Clinic London. With nearly two decades’ experience, Mr. Hamada is recognised as a leading expert in the field of cataract, refractive lens exchange (RLE) and corneal surgeries.


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