5 ways to help ease tired eyes

Having tired eyes can really make doing daily tasks more difficult and a struggle. Making sure you look after your eyes is very important and below are some handy tips on how to help ease tired eyes.

1. Sleep

Sleep deprivation can play a major role in causing your eyes to feel tired. It can be caused by not getting enough sleep or not getting enough good quality sleep. Tired eyes caused by sleep deprivation can feel sore, heavy, irritated and look red, and not to mention can cause dark circles underneath the eyes. The average adult should aim to get 7-8 hour of good quality sleep per night. Try to avoid watching television and looking at devices, such as mobile phones and tablets, before you go to bed as this can be a cause of bad quality sleep. Also try to go to bed and get up and the same time each day to get your body into a cycle it is used to.

2. Keep Hydrated

Not drinking enough water and being dehydrated can cause you to feel fatigued, have less concentration and energy and can cause your eyes to feel tired and dry too. It is suggested that the average adult should drink about 8 glasses of water per day to keep hydrated and this should help to ease the symptoms of tired eyes.

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3. Compresses

Using either a warm or cold compress is another way to help relieve tired eyes. While some people prefer one temperature over the other, many people like to do a cold compress in the morning and a warm compress in the evening. If you have not slept well and your eyes are feeling tired on waking, then a cold compress placed on closed eyes is a good way to ‘wake up’ your eyes and give instant tired eye relief. If your day has caused your eyes to become tired, doing a warm compress placed on closed eyes in the evening is a nice way to relax your eyes and also great if you suffer from dry eye disease.

4. Work

Work can cause tired eyes, especially if you work most of your day on a VDU, such as a computer screen. It may not be possible to have long breaks away from computer screens if this is a main part of your work but trying to follow the 20-20-20 rule can really help keep tired eye symptoms at bay while also helping suffers of dry eye disease. The 20-20-20 rule is; every 20 minutes look 20 feet away for 20 seconds, you should repeat this throughout the day.

5. Need Glasses?

Tired eyes can also be caused by eye strain. If you are supposed to wear glasses or contact lenses but you don’t, try to start wearing them and you may be surprised how well your eyes feel. If you haven’t had an eye examination in over 2 years then make an appointment, having the incorrect prescription or not even realising you need glasses or contact lenses can really tire your eyes out as they are having to work even harder than normal.

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