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Why Choose ECL?


Simply because you can trust us with your eyes. Mr Hamada is a leading surgeon and world renowned specialist in cornea, cataract and refractive surgery. He is thorough, knowledgeable and equipped with the latest advances in vision correction and corneal surgery. He has treated thousands of patients with excellent results. He is very much liked by his patients and colleagues who describe him as caring, professional and kind.

At Eye Clinic London, we believe that every patient is important and every case can be different, that is why treatment or surgery is tailored to suit your eye condition.

We offer expert vision correction provided by highly qualified and world renowned surgeons.


Patients choose us because:
– They trust us
– We Care
– We are an authority in our field
– Mr Hamada higher qualifications
– The only dual fellowship trained in corneal diseases in children in the UK
– Has wealth of experience in managing complex and challenging eye diseases
– Other specialist refer their patients for a second opinion by Mr Hamada
– Master degree in cataract and refractive surgery
– Fellow of both the Royal college of Ophthalmologists in London and Surgeons in Edinburgh
– Teacher and trainer in adult and paediatric cornea and the anterior eye disease and surgery
– Very active on the academic level with strong presence in the national and international conferences
– We are thorough in both clinical examination and diagnostics to reach accurate diagnosis of your condition
– We follow the latest and most recent evidence based eye treatment
– We have the latest diagnostic equipments to measure your eyes and reach the correct diagnosis
– Consistently good results
– We put your safety before anything we do
– We give you the options of treatment for you to choose
– Various options from medical to lasers and to surgical ones
– Whenever possible, we use lasers instead of knives to reshape your cornea, correct your vision or remove cataract from the eye