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Watching Movies Helped Children with Amblyopia

A girl with amblyopia watching one of the dichoptic movies on a passive 3D display while the child wore 3D cinema glasses. Movie scenes were separated into irregular blob-shaped areas that were complementary for the amblyopic and fellow eyes so that the entire scene could only be perceived if binocular vision was used to merge the parts of the picture shown to each eye. Images were presented at high contrast to the amblyopic eye and low-contrast image to the fellow eye. The contrast-imbalance overcomes suppression of the amblyopic eye and reveals binocular vision.
Credit: Photograph courtesy of the Retina Foundation of the Southwest

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Novelty contact lenses worn for Halloween can cause blindness

Thousands of party-goers are risking going blind for using novelty contact lenses on Halloween, eye experts have warned.
The lenses, available online and in fancy dress shops, can cause ulcers, tears on the cornea, infections and permanent sight damage.
Contact lenses should only be given out by a prescription in the UK.
But novelty lenses can be bought and used without any safety checks being made on the eyes.

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Kids Can Get Dry Eyes Due to Electronic Gadget Use

Dry eye disease in Children: Due to the exposure of technology/electronic gadgets nowadays more and more children are developing dry eye syndrome at a very early age. If dry eyes are not caught at an early stage it could develop to something far more severe and serious, a lifelong problem as well as decreasing functional vision, that could later on develop as blindness.

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