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Heterochromia – What Is It?


Heterochromia is a condition where the coloured part of the eye (iris) are different colours. There are 3 different types of heterochromia;

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Proposed Organ Donation Change to Opt Out


Theresa May has announced a proposed change in the way we donate organs from an opt in to an opt out system. Many lives are saved from donated organs, including saving eyesight from people that have donated their eyes after death, but how do you feel about the change to an opt out system? Do you think it will encourage more people to donate organs knowing they are already signed up?

Organ donation – here’s how to how to opt out and register for a donor card

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keep eyes hydrated

Winter Eye Problems


During the winter months, the weather and environment can really affect your eyes, and this can often be forgotten about. Here are some common eye problems people can suffer with during winter and tips on how to combat them.

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Tips for a Good Eyesight

National Eye Health Week 18th – 24th September 2017


Monday 18th September 2017 marks the start of National Eye Health Week which promotes the importance of eye health and having regular sight tests for all. Here at Eye Clinic London we have put together a list of useful tips and advice on how to keep everyone’s eyes, young and old, healthy and in tip top condition.

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Symptoms That Show You Need to See an Eye Surgeon

Cataracts: Three Symptoms That Show You Need to See an Eye Surgeon


According to research from the RNIB, more than six million people throughout the UK suffer from uncorrected refractive errors or sight-threatening conditions. Despite the staggering number, many of these people have yet to being experiencing symptoms. This is a significant cause for concern as many eye conditions may be reversed if detected by an experienced eye doctor in London early enough. One such condition is cataracts.

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Congenital Cataract Symptoms, Treatment, and More

Eye Clinic London: Congenital Cataract Symptoms, Treatment, and More


Cataracts occur when the lens of the eye experience changes that cause it become opaque or cloudy. The condition often comes with age, but in certain cases, cataracts can be congenital, which means it can be inborn or inherited. When a newborn baby has congenital cataract, their vision is hampered.

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