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Ocular Trauma (Eye Trauma)
Eye trauma in children is not uncommon and affects the eye and the surrounding structures like eyelids, eyebrows, bone, or muscles of the eye.
Eye injuries occur from blunt trauma (ball, fist), sharp trauma (knife, stick, pencil), chemical trauma (splash from any toxic material especially alkali and acid with the worse being alkali injury, caustic substance, glue) and thermal injury (firework, hot water and oils).
The damage can be graded from mild and very severe. Mild injuries are simply treated with topical eye drops and ointments, but more severe injuries can result in extensive damage to the eye and surrounding structures that might require surgical repair.
Eye injuries should be assessed as soon as possible and treatment started straight away. If it is a chemical or thermal injury then you should wash the eye extensively with water for few minutes. If injuries with sharp or blunt trauma then protect the eye and see your emergency doctor as soon as possible.
At the Eye Clinic London, we manage children with various levels of eye injuries and its consequences. In particular management of eye surface failure and stem cell failure with corneal opacities following trauma.