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Minita Shah

Qualified as an optometrist 10 years ago in 2005. After training in refractive surgery 9 years ago and enjoying every moment of it, I had decided this field was going to play a huge part in my career. I have since then trained further in cataract surgery, refractive lens exchange.3 implantable contact lenses and glaucoma. I feel great job satisfaction when patients can see without their glasses.

I am excited and privileged to be part of the team at Eye Clinic London who is not only dedicated to patient care, but putting patients first. I pride myself working at clinic with correct balance of excellent clinical care and patient care.

Outside of work, I have keen interests in Art, travelling and of course shopping!

Joanna Fihelebon

Personal Assistant
After moving from Lincolnshire to London 3 years ago I have been working in the refractive surgery industry. I have recently joined Eye Clinic London and really enjoy running the day to day business. I love being part of professional and trustworthy team that changes patient's lives so positively