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Vision Enhancement post cataract surgery



visionSo many patients might end up unhappy after cataract surgery. Because our aim at Eye Clinic London is to give you an excellent outcome and best vision that you deserve, all out patients undergo thorough investigations to assess ways to get you maximum vision after cataract surgery.


We simply call it “customised cataract surgery” that is your eyes particular needs will be met. Each eye is treated individually and extra smaller procedures will be offered to get you perfect vision. Some examples include, limbal relaxing incisions (cuts on the cornea surface) at the end of cataract surgery to correct the shape of the cornea that could be an oval shaped, or insertion of different type of intraocular lens to correct you astigmatism (oval shape of the cornea), filtered lenses for those with retinal disease, or other many special types of intraocular lenses.