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Corneal Dystrophy



This happens from childhood in congenital corneal dystrophies or at later stage in other corneal dystrophies. These are disease inherited via our genes and manifest at any stage in life from childhood to older ages. It results in deposits of various materials within the cornea. It gets worse with time and eventually can damage the vision.


Additionally, it leads to irregularity in corneal surface and can result in a painful, watery eye from corneal erosions (scratches on the cornea). Sensitivity to light is a major issue both in children and adults. In children group, it makes children unable to open their eyes in the daylight and prefer to sit in the dark in addition to lot of glare and halos around lights and objects.


In severe cases, it might affect child’s normal development and achievement. In adults, symptoms are more tolerable and often managed conservatively until they develop dense opacities that obscure vision and then surgical intervention become necessary.


Occasionally the corneal dystrophy is limited to corneal surface or deeper in the cornea but leads to loose corneal surface (skin) and then the eye become extremely painful. This can be treated as recurrent corneal erosion. At the Eye Clinic London, we have a variety of options to treat recurrent corneal erosions. Click here for more information on our management protocol for recurrent corneal erosion disease.