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Painful Eye



Eye pain
Pain in the eye may be described as a burning, throbbing, aching, or stabbing sensation in or around the eye. It may also feel like you have a foreign object in your eye.
This article discusses eye pain not caused by injury or surgery.


Pain in the eye can be an important symptom of a health problem. Make sure you tell your doctor if you have eye pain that does not go away.
Tired eyes or some eye discomfort (eyestrain) is usually a minor problem and it will often go away with rest. These problems may be caused by the wrong eyeglass or contact lens prescription. Sometimes they are due to a problem with the eye muscles.


Many things can cause pain in or around the eye. If the pain is severe, does not go away, or causes vision loss, seek medical attention immediately.

Some things that can cause eye pain are:
• Infections
• Inflammation
• Contact lens problems
• Dry eye
• Acute glaucoma
• Sinus problems
• Neuropathy
• Eyestrain
• Headache
• Flu