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Your Eye Surgery at Eye Clinic London



Our main goal is to deliver high quality service that has positive impact on people’s lives. Many of the treatment performed at Eye Clinic London are life changing. We strive for excellence in everything we do from the moment you get in touch with us. We never compromise on quality and we give you time and efforts that your eyes deserve. Your consultation with Mr Samer Hamada will often be preceded by comprehensive assessment and diagnostic tests. You might see one of our optometrists for preliminary consultation and examination, and in case of a child an orthoptic assessment might be necessary. Your visit to us can sometimes take double or triple as long as it takes in other clinics. We strive to build a trusted relationship with our patients. Our measures of success are derived from patients feedback as well as objective measures of everything we do.


By the end of your consultation, you will have a clear and bespoke management plan. Any option we offer you will be considered based on best available evidence of safety and efficacy of that particular treatment. You will always have plenty of time to discuss your concerns or to have your questions answered.


We always like to hear from you in order to improve our services. We appreciate and are keen on any feedback that you leave after your treatment.

The Costs




Consultation – £250.00


Dry Eye/MGD Consultation – £300.00


Follow Up – £175.00


Second Opinion Consultation – £350.00


East Grinstead


Consultation – £200.00


Dry Eye/MGD Consultation – £250.00


Follow Up – £120.00


Second Opinion Consultation £300.00


*Please be advised that if you require additional scans or more in-depth assessment on the day of a consultation or follow up additional fees will apply*


Surgery/Procedure Costs


Cataract/RLE – Starting from £2500.00 per eye


ICL – Starting from £3250.00 per eye


Laser Vision Correction – Starting from £2000.00 per eye


YAG after Cataract/RLE – Starting from £550.00 per eye


Corneal Cross Linking – Starting from £1500.00 per eye


Corneal Graft/Transplant – Prices on request


*Final price of surgery will be given following a consultation and once location of surgery has been chosen*

Private Health Insurance
If you have private health insurance the consultations including investigations and diagnostics are normally covered by your insurer (pending an authorisation from your insurer). Insurers differ in their cover so please check with your insurer directly. Most insurers do not cover consultations for refractive surgery.

Price changes
Prices are correct at the time of writing and are subject to change.