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National Eye Health Week 2018


It’s the start of National Eye Health Week and it runs from Monday 24th September 2018 to Sunday 30th September 2018. The aim of this week is to raise awareness and educate people on eye health and the importance of everyone having regular eye examinations. Here are some of our top tips for looking after your eyes.

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Blog Written By One of Mr Hamada’s Patients

‘I’m 32 now. When I was 22 I started to wake up at night with a gritty feeling in my eyes. For a while I just used Optrex and other over the counter drops. When it didn’t get any b

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Kids Can Get Dry Eyes Due to Electronic Gadget Use

Dry eye disease in Children: Due to the exposure of technology/electronic gadgets nowadays more and more children are developing dry eye syndrome at a very early age. If dry eyes are not caught at an early stage it could develop to something far more severe and serious, a lifelong problem as well as decreasing functional vision, that could later on develop as blindness.

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