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Trifocal Lens Implant



Multifocal/ Trifocal Intraocular lens
At Eye Clinic London, we believe that multifocal lenses should give you true reading and intermediate vision as well as sharp distant vision and that is why we chose trifocal intraocular lens from Zeiss.
The efficient optical design of the ZEISS AT LISA tri family provides high-resolution images with outstanding contrast sensitivity at all distances and under all light conditions.


Improved visual acuity
The ZEISS AT LISA tri IOLs improve visual acuity over the whole vision range, especially after binocular implantation.


Smooth transition
The ZEISS AT LISA tri family enables a smooth transition between near, intermediate and far. Patients will be able to switch back and forth between objects at different distances without the need to put on corrective glasses.


Overall light transmittance update
The refractive-diffractive profile designed to enhance intermediate vision over the central optic of the AT LISA tri increases the overall efficiency of light transmittance to an average rate of 85.7 %.


Asymmetrical light distribution
With a unique asymmetrical light distribution of 50 %, 20 % and 30 % between far, intermediate and near foci, AT LISA tri is able to provide more satisfying and predictable visual outcomes for younger patients with active pupils.

Pupil independence
The maximized pupil-independent design of the AT LISA tri is based on the proven long-term results of the AT LISA family and ensures consistent optical performance regardless of the lighting conditions.

Improved night vision
The optic design of the AT LISA tri family with trifocal center and bifocal periphery ensures optimized night vision. After implantation of a ZEISS AT LISA tri lens nocturnal car trips or reading in a dim light can be performed without obstacles.

Excellent image quality
Utilizing the proven Smooth Micro Phase technology based on our proven LISA concept for the lens surface, the AT LISA tri optic does not have any sharp angles, resulting in ideal optical image quality with reduced light scattering.

Outstanding intermediate vision
With AT LISA tri 839MP and AT LISA tri toric 939MP
The ZEISS AT LISA tri family offers the outstanding intermediate visual performance that can only be achieved with a real trifocal IOL design.
The superior intermediate vision with the ZEISS AT LISA tri family becomes evident when compared to an apodized bifocal IOL or a trifocal IOL with convolution design.


Optical bench measurements AFT chart
Due to the intermediate addition of +1.66, the ZEISS AT LISA tri family significantly improves visual acuity at the intermediate distance, enabling patients to feel more comfortable performing daily activities in this vision range.