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Implantable Contact Lenses / Artisan



The addition of intraocular lens to the eye to correct vision is well known and proven to be safe in suitable cases. Artificial intraocular lens can be added to the natural clear lens (phakic IOL) or as a second intraocular lens in eye that has previously had intraocular lens implantation.


The additional lens implant is an artificial lens that is implanted close to the natural crystalline lens like the case of Myopic patients less than 40 years of age. It is called implantable contact lens because it is very thin and soft like the contact lens. It will stay in the eye and correct the vision until the patient develop cataract at older age then the lens can be easily removed to allow for cataract surgery. Alternatively, iris clip lenses can be used and they are clipped on the iris inferno of the pupil to allow vision correction. These lenses can also be used in case of refractive surprise or undesirable results after cataract surgery. In some complicated cataract cases which was referred to us, we implanted iris clip lenses successfully to restore normal vision. Recently, special implants has been used to allow multi-focality in those who had cataract surgery where monodical lens implant was used, and they wish to have multi-focality, that is being less dependent on glasses. These lenses offer safe and reliable solution.


Mr Samer Hamada is an experienced surgeon with a lot of knowledge about these types of lenses. He will discuss with you best and safest options. At Eye Clinic London, we are leaders in advanced cornea , cataract , and Refractive surgery.