What was the surgery like and how did it make you feel?


The surgery was amazing, because I was awake the whole way through. When they first said, “You’ve got to be awake for your eye,” I was going, “I don’t … No thanks.” But you actually have to be awake to keep your eyes open, and it was so quick, it was ridiculous. It was a little tiny incision was made, they hoover it out, apparently, the old, useless ones, popped in this sort of pop-up little lens thing that went in, and I could see straight away. I could see to walk back to my room.

Everyone was very jolly, there’s a bit of music playing, I was under a thing, and I was going, “Yes, hello? Is it all right? Everything going okay?” And he just went, “Don’t talk.” Because obviously I can find that difficult. But it was just such a smooth thing. Then, a few weeks later, came back and had the other eye done. I then had to sleep with a sort of, I don’t know, a sort of robot plastic cover thing on it, which was fine, so I didn’t scratch it.

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I had to put in a lot of eye drops, because I had dry eyes as well the cataract thing. I had a lot, a lot of eye drops, which I just set an alarm on my phone. At first I saw starbursts around everything. Driving at night was a bit like driving in a Christmas tree. But, eventually my brain recalibrated, and it’s all gone back down to normal.

At first I thought, “Hmm. Don’t know what I’ve done. I can’t have any fairy lights in the house, or anything.” But now, my house is covered in them.

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