When did you start considering laser eye surgery?


Well, when I actually had the Stevens-Johnson, I was sent to the eye hospital of where I lived, and they said, “Oh, it’s fine. It hasn’t touched your eyes. You’re fine.”

But I still had sore eyes some months afterwards, and eventually, I got in touch with the Stevens-Johnson Syndrome people, who said, “You have to find somebody who specializes in this, because most people don’t understand it.” It’s very rare. I think only something like one in two million people get it or something.

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So they gave me Mr. Hamada’s name. And so I tracked him down. I got my GP to write a referral or whatever, and I started visiting the eye clinic there, where it was shown to me that I had indeed no tears. Mr. Hamada started his work and did things like blocked up my tear ducts so that any tears that did come in didn’t disappear immediately and things like that.

I’m really glad I went, because I honestly think … Well, I don’t know what would’ve happened to my eyes if I hadn’t gone to see him.

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