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Clarify your vision and ditch your glasses with customised cataract surgery

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Patients worry about long queues for cataract surgery after lockdown

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When things return to normal, you’ll want to be ready to re-engage with life


Who needs cataract surgery?



If your eyes are no longer functioning like they used to, this is because cataracts are blocking incoming light rays from entering your eye. Even with new glasses, your vision will not be up to scratch for much longer.

Perhaps the little things that you took for granted, like watching the sunset, completing a crossword or reading the morning news are becoming a challenge.

As cataracts progress further, their effects can have a much more profound impact on your life. They can destroy your independence and make leaving the house a rarity. Social interaction can become limited as a result.

After cataract surgery, your vision is restored, and you finally feel like yourself again. You will be astounded by the positive chain reaction that this regained independence and freedom can have not just on yourself but your whole family.

We are so fortunate to live in a day and age where treatment for cataracts is so advanced and widely available. Take advantage of the wonderful benefits of modern cataract surgery and start living again.

Why you should consider cataract surgery



After customised cataract surgery the bothersome cataract is removed, and the light comes flooding back in. We have selected and inserted the ideal intraocular lens to correct any astigmatism, and have addressed any other eye conditions you may have had. Your vision is now refined, and you are experiencing optimum, unaided vision.


With your fresh vision, every day is a new adventure. The world is brighter and more colourful, which makes you feel positive, lively and confident. Your only regret is not having the surgery sooner.


Pick up a good book, gaze out towards a beautiful view and enjoy a candlelit dinner, all without having to reach for your glasses first. Have a meaningful conversation without the interruption of an uncomfortable contact lens or a dry eye spoiling the moment.


Nothing can stop you now. Family and friends are astonished at your regained independence and zest for life. You can start to make family plans again, host a social event or babysit the grandchildren. Your confidence is shining, and it’s uplifting for everyone around you to see.


The eyes are the body’s most highly developed sense, constantly absorbing information about the world around you. Having restored vision not only gives you the freedom to embrace life, but it can reconnect you with others and yourself.

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Samer Hamada and Eye Clinic London enable Londoners to experience relief from their eye problems so they can focus on what matters most.

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Get the richness of life back in full colour! And (if you’re suitable), you might even decided to restore your natural reading vision at the same time.

Happy patients from London and East Grinstead


Annabel Giles

“As soon as I met Mr Hamada, I knew I was in safe hands. He is an expert in his field, and very reassuring. His work was impeccable, and I would thoroughly recommend him to anyone wanting a professional, kindly, expert service.”

Tareq Kasshout

“I came all the way from the US to be evaluated by Mr. Samer Hamada who provided me with a world class experience. I was treated with technology that doesn’t exist in the United States. My vision improved significantly since the surgery. Mr. Samer Hamada is definitely a Keratoconus expert.”

Timothy Thompson

“Mr Hamada’s Eye Clinic London and his team are a delight. Nothing was too much trouble and the help, support, advice and guidance before during and after the surgery was all world class. I have worn glasses since the age of 13 years and had the onset of cataracts for the last five so it has all been very much a life changing experience to be free from glasses once more.”

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Everything you need to know about cataract surgery


The signs and symptoms of a cataract

If you have a cloudy lens, blurred or dim vision – you could have a cataract. You might have increased difficulty seeing at night and experience sensitivity to light and glare. You might need brighter lighting to read or see things up-close. Over time, these symptoms lead to feelings of anxiety, fear and sadness in some. Some people describe their lives as “shrinking” as their vision worsens. Most patients report daily difficulties as a result of their eye condition and the gradual macular degeneration.

The NHS has difficulty keeping up with the demand for cataract surgery

Fortunately, in the UK alone, eye surgeons perform 330,000 cataract operations every year. It’s the most commonly performed surgical procedure we do. Unfortunately, there just isn’t enough eye surgeons or NHS hospital space to help everyone who suffers from cataracts leading to a long waiting list and strict selection criteria that leads many to have to wait unnecessarily. As the population ages, the supply of cataract surgeons will decline as the demand for the surgery increases.

You have the option to have private cataract surgery

That’s why eye surgeons like me have undertaken the task of alleviating stress on the public sector by performing cataract surgery privately.

As a bonus, we have the ability to choose from a wider selection of lenses that can help most people not only be rid of their cataract but also their need to wear glasses and contact lenses.

Furthermore, private cataract surgeons can provide their patients with their attention from start to finish. This can often help many patients feel safer and more cared for – especially those who have understandable anxiety surrounding having an eye procedure.

What’s an Implantable Contact Lens?

Inserting an intraocular lens into the eye to correct vision is a well-known and safe procedure in suitable cases.

We can add an artificial intraocular lens to the natural clear lens (called phakic IOL) or as a second intraocular lens in the eye that has previously had intraocular lens implantation (called a piggyback lens).

The additional lens implant is an artificial lens that is implanted close to the natural crystalline lens like the case of myopic patients between 21- 60 years of age.

We call it an implantable contact lens (IOL) because it is very thin and soft like a contact lens. It will stay in the eye and correct your vision until you develop a cataract in later life. Then, we can remove the lens to allow for us to undertake surgery on the cataract.

Alternatively, we can use lenses that clip to your iris (the coloured part of your eye). We clip these on the iris inferno of the pupil to enable vision correction. We can also use these lenses in case of what we refer to as ‘refractive surprise’ or undesirable results after cataract surgery.

In some complicated cataract surgery cases that others referred to us, we have implanted iris clip lenses to successfully restore normal vision.

Recently, we have used special implants to allow multifocality in those patients who had a cataract procedure where the surgeon used a monofocal lens implant. Some patients wish to have multifocality, which means that they are less dependent on glasses. These lenses offer a safe and reliable solution.

I am an experienced surgeon with a lot of knowledge about these types of lenses. I will discuss the best and safest options with you. At Eye Clinic London, we are leaders in advanced corneal treatment, cataract surgery and refractive surgery.

What kind of Intraocular Lens / Implant (IOL) should you have?

Monofocal IOL

A Monofocal IOL will correct either your distance or your near vision. In most cases, people wish to correct their distance vision and are happy to remain wearing reading glasses. Alternatively, you can have two slightly different powered lenses to give you some distance correction and some reading correction. That is called Monovision.

We can simulate monovision through contact lenses. We require you to have a quick trial to see if you can tolerate the difference.

Some people may have certain conditions that would be better served by a Monofocal IOL, for example, due to your occupation, if you have previous eye surgery or have a certain eye or medical condition.

Multifocal IOL

A Multifocal IOL is designed to provide a better range of vision after cataract surgery than standard Monofocal IOL. This works by splitting light enabling you to have multifocal functionality. This functionality can eliminate or reduce your need for glasses completely.

Multifocal IOLs tend to be a popular choice for those with presbyopia (ageing eyes). At Eye Clinic London, we prefer Trifocal lenses and the extended range of vision lenses. Both have proven safety and efficacy. With that said, I will discuss which lens will best suit your eyes, your particular needs and lifestyle with you.

Toric IOL

Today you have many types of IOLs to choose from for your cataract treatment depending on your specific needs. In addition to IOLs that can correct short-sightedness and long-farsightedness, there are now Toric IOLs that can correct astigmatism.

Astigmatism is when your cornea is shaped more similar to a rugby ball rather than a round football. If we leave your astigmatism is left uncorrected, it can distort your vision and you will not be entirely satisfied with your cataract surgery results.

Both Monofocal and Multifocal IOLs are available in a Toric type. Toric IOLs work by placing them in a specific position to counter astigmatism.

What happens on the day of surgery?

You can expect to be at the surgical centre for 90 minutes or longer. To begin with, the nurses will prepare your eye using drops to dilate your pupil and numbing the surface of your eye.

Then, they will take you into the surgery room where surgery typically takes 15 minutes.

Then, we will take you into recovery where we’ll explain your post-op drops and medications. You must have someone drive you home after cataract surgery.

Do not attempt to drive until your eyes have been checked and confirmed that you are safe to drive.

We place a clear eye shield over your eye to protect it. In the early stages of your recovery, we will advise you to keep the plastic shield over the operated eye every night for one week.

What if I still have questions, worries or concerns?

If you have any questions or concerns about cataract surgery, be sure to discuss them with me before signing “informed consent” documents authorising surgery.

Be sure to advise me of all the medications you are taking, including non-prescription (“over-the-counter”) formulations and nutritional supplements. Some medications and supplements can increase your risk of cataract surgery complications and might need to be discontinued prior to surgery.

I may give you other instructions and recommendations for your surgery recovery depending on your specific needs and the outcome of your procedure. If you have any questions at any time after your surgery, I will be happy to answer them.

At Eye Clinic London, we aim to give you an excellent cataract surgery outcome and the best vision that you deserve. We undertake thorough investigations of all of our patients to assess ways to get you your best vision after surgery.

Your eyes are unique which means they might need a customised approach to vision correction

We call it “customised cataract surgery”. What that means is that we meet your eyes’ particular needs. We treat each eye individually and offer refinement procedures aimed to help you get perfect vision.

Some examples of these refinement procedures include,

  • Giving you clearer vision by making limbal relaxing incisions (cuts on the cornea surface) at the end of cataract surgery to correct the shape of the cornea,
  • Helping you become spectacle independent by inserting different types of intraocular lenses called toric lenses to correct your astigmatism (oval shape of the cornea) and many other special types of intraocular lenses to get you better vision
  • Addressing complicating eye conditions, like when using filtered lenses if you have a retinal disease,
  • Refining your outcome to get you the very best outcome, like when applying laser eye surgery to further refine your vision after cataract surgery

Even more information about cataracts


What is premium cataract surgery?

What is premium cataract surgery? Many people have cataract surgery without knowing they have different treatment options. In this post, we give insight into what premium cataract surgery is, and why so many people are now opting for this over standard cataract surgery.

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What my cataract surgery patients love about my service


“As soon as I met Mr Hamada, I knew I was in safe hands. He is an expert in his field, and very reassuring. His work was impeccable, and I would thoroughly recommend him to anyone wanting a professional, kindly, expert service.”

Annabel Giles, Lens replacement

“I came all the way from the US to be evaluated by Mr. Samer Hamada who provided me with a world-class experience. I was treated with technology that doesn’t exist in the United States. My vision improved significantly since the surgery. Mr. Samer Hamada is definitely a Keratoconus expert.”

Tareq Kass Hout, Keratoconus
“I am glad to be with Mr Hamada. I am glad to be examined by Mr Hamada who acts responsibly and professionally. I never had this experience before from a previous ophthalmologist. I am thankful to Mr Hamada for the successful diagnosis and treatment of my case.”
Ghiath Sumainah

“What a Consultant. Dr. Hamada is a man who was born for this profession. As soon as we walked into the room you felt that you had met a man who was gentle and kind. His demeanour was of a man who knew his trade. He speaks in a way that you will understand. He explains exactly what is wrong and the way he will help fix it for you.”

Sam Brock

“My eyes got really sore, tired and gritty feeling this year. It kept getting worse for about 6 months and every time I thought about it, I kept thinking it would eventually go away, but it just didn’t budge. So I want to say a big thank you to eye doctor Mr Samer Hamada who finally sorted me out! Apart from the eye tests I expected, he also took a really personal approach. I appreciate that he asked questions about my whole diet and lifestyle which helped him to quickly figure out why my eye surface was inflamed. I now have simple steps I can take to reduce the inflammation through diet and lifestyle changes which I’ve now been doing for 2 weeks. I also have been using the special non-preservative eye drops and gels that Mr Hamada provided. My eyes are already feeling so much better and I’m so relieved to have had help to sort this out. If you’ve been noticing your eyes getting dry – don’t wait to sort it out as it keeps getting continually worse and you can find relief very quickly with the right help.”

Laura Livesey, Dry eye

“Mr Hamada’s London Eye Care and his team are a delight. Nothing was too much trouble and the help, support, advice and guidance before during and after the surgery was all world class. I have worn glasses since the age of 13 years and had the onset of cataracts for the last five so it has all been very much a life changing experience to be free from glasses once more.”

Timothy Thompson

“We saw Mr Hamada after our 14-year-old son was diagnosed with keratoconus by another specialist. Mr Hamada talked us through the pros and cons of the cxl epi off and epi on procedures, he answered all our many and detailed questions without rushing us and as openly and honestly as possible. We opted to go ahead with cxl epi off with Mr Hamada. Our experience with Mr Hamada and his team, from his incredibly informative and supportive Secretary Joanna, nurse Mimi and Mr Hamada himself who was incredibly reassuring and put us and our son at ease both before, during and after the procedure, and at each follow-on appointment, has been the best possible. I would go so far as to say that he and his team are by far the best medical team I have ever experienced. I recommend him highly and would be happy to speak to anyone considering an expert in this field.”

Lisa & George, Keratoconus

“I would not hesitate to recommend Dr Hamada and his team. From the first call to inquire about booking an appointment to booking it, I was so impressed with his wonderful secretary Joanna- she really is worth her weight in gold, her lovely manner and care made me decide to go for this clinic. Dr Hamada was a lovely man with a very kind and thorougher way about him – he put my 4-year-old daughter at ease. The appointment was lengthy but at no point were we rushed and able to ask as many questions- things were explained so well. I would have no hesitation at all to recommend anyone to use Dr Hamada and his team- I have already recommended to some other parents.”


“Mr Hamada, his assistant Joanna and his ophthalmic technicians provide a caring, efficient and high quality service. From the admin through to the surgical aftercare we were very well looked after and we had a high degree of confidence in Mr Hamada’s abilities. Our daughter’s cataracts have been corrected (under general anaesthetic) and her quality of life has improved substantially. You also feel well cared for throughout – the human touch is vital in healthcare, but not always delivered, so well done and thanks to all of the team.”

Nat & Rich
“We were referred to Dr.Hamada by one of the UK experts. The expert himself admitted that Dr.Hamada was better than him!! We were not disappointed at all. Dr. Hamada was excellent with my child. His communication skills and knowledge were exemplary. He gave us clear management plan and would not hesitate to recommend him.”
V Nama
“Dr Hamada is an excellent, highly competent doctor with a very kind and sympathetic manner. His reputation for successfully treating dry eye patients seems unparalleled. His team are all extremely friendly and helpful, especially Dr Hamada’s PA Joanna, making the overall experience better than anywhere else I’ve been!”
Isla Cully, Dry eye
“Appointment setting and follow-up were very efficient and well managed. Mr Hamada was kind, reassuring, knowledgeable and had a very warm manner with my young son, making him instantly feel at ease. I feel that we can trust him and that he will finally be able to solve my son’s long-term eye problems that have stumped other eye doctors.”
“A real care provider – true in letter and spirit. After having seen few other consultants we were lucky to see Mr. Hamada. He treated my mother’s eyes and the prolonged inflammation finally went away. My mother went on to receive a corneal graft. Mr. Hamada and his clinic are simply wonderful. Their response is immediate every time even if it’s the weekend. Mr. Hamada puts a lot of personal attention answering every question very patiently and alleviating any fears. His manner is so kind that puts his patients completely at ease. This caring trait continues in the rest of his staff especially his assistant Joanna. I really can’t thank them enough. I thoroughly recommend anyone with eye problems to go to Mr. Hamada. You couldn’t be in better hands. He has treated my mother who is a long sufferer of eye problems. I am grateful always to Mr. Hamada and Joanna for all the support they have provided throughout.”
Charmaine Ghafur

We have replaced some of the images of real patients who provided these testimonials to protect their privacy.

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