How do I choose the right lens for my cataract surgery?


When you have a cataract, the natural lens is washed out, and the new lens implant will have to be inserted in the eye during cataract surgery. Over the last 10 – 15 years, there have been many changes in the types of lenses that could be implanted in the eye. Now patients have more choices and more options in terms of what lens they can have in their eyes.

Mono-focal lenses for good distance vision 

The mono-focal lens is a type of lens that is usually offered by the NHS for cataract patients. This option will give you a very good, or reasonably good distance vision, but you need reading glasses or glasses to see your computer. However, there are other options such as multi-focal lens implants or Toric lens implants.

Toric lens implants for patients with astigmatism

The toric lens implant corrects astigmatism in the eye. That means a sharper vision and better visual outcomes.

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Multi-focal lens implants for better distance and reading vision

The multi-focal lens implants are lenses that give you a better vision for distance and reading and now offers intermediate vision correction as well.
Some patients want to consider other options rather than just having a mono-focal lens implant. This option could be simply choosing a mono-focal lens, but we change the target. We make one eye good for reading, one eye for distance, and many patients enjoy that option because it gives them freedom for glasses so they can read, and they can drive a car without any glasses.

Other options are having multi-focal lens implants.

These give you the ability to see close up for reading and distance vision, as well as now intermittent vision, which is important to driving a car.

You can see the dashboard, or if you do your work in front of your computer, that works better with the multi-focal lens implant. These options fulfill your needs.

The other option is to have toric lens implants. These are lenses that correct astigmatism and in fact, the mono-focal lenses or multi-focal lenses either of them could be a toric lens as well. The ultimate goal is to give you the most precise visual outcomes of the surgery.

Cataract surgery is about more than just making you see

Cataract surgery is no longer about just washing out the cataract and making you see. It’s more than that. It’s a customized treatment to give you the best vision you can have. Sometimes we take advantage of the cataract operation to provide you with the freedom of glasses by choosing a special type of lens implants that make you read and see distance without needing glasses.

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