When did you start considering laser eye surgery?


I actually looked into laser surgery quite a number of years ago, and I was told that because of my sight problems, that I was unsuitable for laser surgery. So, I actually had realized that that wasn’t an option. Had settled for the fact that I needed to wear contact lenses, but then as I said, following the fact that my eyesight had deteriorated quite badly, I realized if I was going to do something, I needed to actually take steps to look into the other options.

I met a lady who had lens replacement surgery and she said how life-changing it was. So, I started researching and I felt that I wanted to go to someone that I felt reassured would do a good job.

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I went onto the internet. I had settled on East Grinstead as an option, looked at the various surgeons for East Grinstead. Then, I researched on the internet history of the various surgeons and settled on Mr. Hamada.

So, I phoned and made an appointment. From there, I went to East Grinstead to the McIndoe Center and met Mr. Hamada. He talked me through the procedure, which I found quite reassuring. I had quite a number of questions, queries. Seemed quite a huge step for me to take. I was very apprehensive about going through with it, and Mr. Hamada reassured me on all the points that I had. I took some time to make the decision to go ahead with it. Probably about six months after I first saw him, I phoned, said, “Yes, I’d like to proceed.” From there, I had the surgery.

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