What are the benefits of ICL surgery?

ICL surgery gives me a lot of satisfaction in my career. Restoring a patients vision so quickly and accurately with a small surgery that lasts six to seven minutes is amazing.

Advantages of ICL

ICL, or implantable contact lens, is a lens that’s implanted inside the eye. It is different from laser vision correction.

One of the main advantages of the ICL is that it’s exchangeable and removable. For example, if your prescription changes in the future we can exchange the ICL for another one. Or, if a new vision correction technology is released that you want to try, we can simply remove the ICL so you can go ahead with another treatment.

Benefits of ICL

An ICL is an add-on lens. We are not changing the eye by taking tissue from the cornea, like laser vision correction. If the ICL has to be removed or exchanged for any reason, that’s possible, and the eye will be back to its normal status that it started with.

What do patients tell you about ICL?

Patients love ICL. ICL patients are among the happiest patients in my practice. Patients find the vision improves very quickly after surgery. There’s a wow factor here, especially those with very high prescriptions.

My patients rarely come back with any complications. I offer my patients a really safe and effective treatment that meets their expectations.

How does ICL help you do your job?

I enjoy seeing patients come back the next day very happy and very pleased with the results. In fact, even after 20 minutes, when we check the patients again, they have amazing vision. Some of them cry with happiness. It’s just amazing. It’s life-changing, and that’s what gives me that satisfaction in my job.

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