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Premium lens surgery has changed a lot in the last ten years. Nowadays, we have access to a variety of implants in the eye. This could be various types of multifocal lenses, bifocal lenses, a toric lens implant, and so on. Therefore, the options are wide, and patients can choose whatever is suitable for them, or whatever meets their needs.

I’ve been doing lens surgery for almost 20 years. In the last seven to eight years, we’ve been doing more and more premium lens implants, which are multifocal mainly. The trend in the previous few years is to implant trifocal lens implants. This has the advantage to give you a good reading vision, good intermediate, as well as distance vision. Patients love it. They find that it’s this lens that meets most of their requirements and needs. In terms of if you are someone playing sports, or if you work in an office, or you drive a lot, it can fulfil all these needs.

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Due to advances in multifocal lens implants, the latest and most advanced way to do that is using trifocal lens implants. The advantage of this lens is that it gives you very good vision for reading, for intermediate, and for distance.

Intermediate vision, in particular, is very important. If you drive, you need to see a dashboard. If you’re using a computer, this is the intermediate vision, so that’s very important in day to day life.

I have access to varieties of premium intraocular lenses. It depends on what you need. Some multifocal lens implants are good for patients who require good reading vision and good distance vision. Some are very keen on having very good intermediate vision. For example, if you’re someone who enjoys playing golf, you require that good intermediate vision. We can choose a type of lens that suits your needs and gives you the best outcomes.

In summary, I don’t believe there is one lens that fits all. I think that we have options, and there are a variety of lenses. It depends on what you need, what you’re aiming to achieve and what you’re hoping for.

For example, multifocal lenses are good for someone very keen on good reading vision and distance vision while trifocal lenses are good for someone keen on reading, at the same time keeping good distance vision, and intermediate vision.

We’ve then got the extended depth of focus lenses which are great for golfers who might not be as good for reading. Still, they’ll be enjoying very good intermediate and distance vision. Obviously, the premium toric lens implants are excellent for a patient with astigmatism to fine-tuning the visual outcomes and give him the best target achieve.

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