Who is suitable for lens replacement?


Lens replacement surgery is replacing your clear natural lens with a new artificial lens implant. Now, anyone aged 45 and above, usually is suitable for this type of surgery, provided the eye is healthy. During the consultation, we do a lot of eye examination, and thorough investigations, to find out if you are suitable.

We don’t like to offer this where you have a condition on your cornea, or if your retina is not healthy. But this will be discussed with you during the consultation.

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The natural lens in age 40, is not as good, elastic, and healthy as when you are younger. The lens becomes a bit less elastic. It changes in clarity, and also we call it lens replacement surgery. The lens is not as functional as used to be when you’re younger.

In summary, if you are long-sighted, short-sighted, or with astigmatism, and you want to be less dependent on glasses, then lens replacement surgery is good if you are aged 45 and above. It has the bonus that you no longer will need a cataract operation because we remove your natural lens, and you have an artificial lens now, so there are no more surgeries required.