Why do people have private cataract surgery instead of using the NHS?


Cataract surgery is one of the most frequently performed surgeries on the NHS.

The freedom of choosing a clinic you trust

Although the majority of surgeries are done on the National Health Service, some patients choose to have them in private. The reason could be that you don’t want to wait for the NHS because there’s a waiting list, and sometimes you want to choose a surgeon because you have confidence or trust in one particular practice or surgeon…

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Enjoy life without glasses or contact lenses

It’s about hjaving options. You want cataract surgery with different types of implants or lenses that suit your needs. You could be active and looking to have surgery to end up free of glasses. You might want to be able to swim, drive, and do all sorts of activities without using your glasses or contact lenses. That means you probably will need a multifocal lens implant which is not offered on NHS.

Be informed about the outcomes

Everyone wants the safest surgery possible, and nowadays, surgeons are obliged to describe their complication rate and their outcomes. All of us like to hear about patient-reported outcomes.

It is very important to us and very important to the patients to know who is doing their surgery and to know the outcomes.

This kind of information is easily available in the private sector, while it can be a bit difficult in a busy practice in NHS.

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