What can happen if I leave dry eyes untreated?


Dry eye disease is typically a symptomatic disease, so it gives you symptoms. You might find a bit of eye grittiness or feel like your eye is sore–this can be managed by maybe blinking more often, or using some over-the-counter artificial teardrops, which is sometimes good.

However, you might not realize that ongoing dry eye disease can get worse. Also, the tear film is not just water in the eye. It has many factors that help to heal the eye surface, looking after the surface of your eye. It has some antibacterial antibodies which fight the bugs on the surface of your eyes.

If you lack that important component in your tear film, then obviously your eye is exposed to all sorts of troubles from infection to inflammation to catching some scratches on the eye and corneal ulcers, so it’s endless other problems that can happen as a result from dry eye disease.

Early treatment usually helps put the disease under control. If you leave it for so long, you might find you’re not just treating dry eye; you’re treating the consequences and complications of not treating the dry eye disease early enough.

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