What Does Private Cataract Surgery Cost in London?

Has your optician recommended you receive private cataract surgery?

If so, you might be wondering about the cataract surgery cost in London. After all, you may not have limitless funds to spend on your procedure. You need to be able to know and plan for the approximate cost.

Below, we’ll answer all your questions about the cost of cataract surgery in London.

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Why choose private treatment for eye surgery?

You may be wondering why you should get private treatment for your cataract surgery.

Why would you choose to pay when the National Health Service (NHS) provides it for free?

There are several answers to this question. First of all, in most cases, the NHS only covers monofocal cataract surgery. If you want the advantages of multifocal treatment, you’ll need to seek out private care. (We explain the benefits of the multifocal lenses later in this post).

The NHS only covers some practitioners, and you may have longer wait times to get into them. With a private practice, you’ll be able to choose the surgeon who cares for your eyes. 

Third, the NHS will ask you to wait until your cataracts begin to interfere with your daily life. A cataract does not need to be “advanced” before you can have it removed. The sooner you have it, the easier the procedure is and the longer you have to enjoy better vision. With private surgery, there is no need to wait.

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How much does private cataract surgery cost in London?

The cost of private cataract surgery varies from person-to-person.This might make you wonder how you can get a more exact price. Several factors determine the cost of your cataract surgery. So, even though we won’t be able to tell you the exact amount, we can give you a good estimate.

The factors that go into cataract surgery cost

So, how do you determine the approximate cataract surgery cost in London?

We can break the price of this procedure down into several different factors:

  • The cost of your consultation
  • Your choice of hospital
  • Your choice of lens (monofocal or multifocal)

Let’s go into each of the factors of the cataract surgery cost London offers below.

Consultation cost

If you’re used to being able to see your physicians for free on the NHS, keep in mind that most private institutions charge a consultation fee.

Each clinic’s fee differs slightly from the rest. Some clinics offer them for free, while others charge. You might also be able to reduce the fee if you have private health insurance. Should you have this amenity, discuss your coverage with your insurance provider.

On average, the cost of a cataract surgery consultation in London is around £300.

Your choice of hospital

Undeniably, you have more freedom in choosing hospitals when you go with private treatment. Yet, not all hospitals charge the same amount for treatment.

To find out what your preferred hospital charges, you should phone them and ask to speak to their billing department. If you have any health insurance, be sure to bring that up to the person on the other end of the line. They should be able to give you an estimate of the overall cost.

Monofocal vs multifocal surgery

So, what’s the difference between monofocal and multifocal lenses?

Monofocal lenses only allow your vision to come into focus at one distance. You can choose between being able to see at near, far, or intermediate distances. You will need to use glasses to help improve your vision for the other distances.

Multifocal lenses allow you to see both near and far and may rid you of your need for glasses.

In general, multifocal lenses are more expensive than monofocal ones. Monofocal lens surgeries can cost anywhere from £1,995-£3,995 per eye, whereas multifocal lenses cost £3,195-£4,500 per eye.

Here’s how our prices compare in the UK



  • Only Monofocal Lens Implant
  • No toric lenses offered
  • Not all cases considered
  • No consultation with the surgeon prior to treatment
  • Free
  • Waiting time: approx. 18 weeks

Eye Clinic London

from 2500 - 3850per eye
  • Multifocal or Monofocal Lens Implant
  • Toric lenses offered at an additional cost
  • All cases considered
  • Consultation with the surgeon always offered
  • Free initial consultation, paid treatment
  • Waiting time: approx. 4-8 weeks

Private Clinic or Hospital

from 1995 - 4500per eye
  • Multifocal or Monofocal Lens Implant
  • Toric lenses offered at an additional cost
  • All cases considered
  • Consultation with the surgeon sometimes offered
  • Consultation not always free
  • Waiting time: approx. 8 weeks

Ready to get cataract surgery?

Just because you have a cataract doesn’t mean you have to live with it. If you find that your quality of life has gone down with cataracts, make sure you speak to an eye surgeon about your options. Cataract surgery can definitely change your life for the better.

Are you ready to get started on better vision? Then book a cataract surgery consultation with us today. We have both virtual and in-person appointments with optometrists (free) and surgeons (paid).

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